All photography on this website is copyright 2007 David Rizzolo All Rights Reserved.

David Rizzolo is a senior designer and associate at Andreozzi Architects in Barrington, RI 
and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Roger Williams University School of Architecture. 
His work in photography is a further exploration of architectural principles and focuses on 
the places where man has expended tremendous energy to overcome the natural world by 
developing massive infrastructures and imposing an overriding structural order all the way 
through to the other end of the entropic cycle where this technology becomes abandoned 
flotsam and jetsam that is slowly reclaimed by nature. 

All of the photos seen here were taken at night in the darkness. The light slowly building 
up inside the camera during the long shutter times needed for the exposures contribute 
to their surreal qualities.

More work can be seen in my Flickr Stream